Glam Up with Indian Skin: Top Lipstick Shades

Fair Skin Tones: Highlight pink, red, and nude shades suitable for lighter Indian skin.

Medium Skin Tones: Focus on berry, cherry, and mauve shades that enhance medium complexions.

Darker Skin Tones: Showcase deep pink, red, and vibrant shades, avoiding browns.

Nudes for Every Tone: Feature nude shades tailored to different Indian skin tones.

Bold Reds: Emphasize a range of reds, from cherry to deep burgundy, suitable for Indian skin.

Coral and Orange: Present bright corals and oranges that pop on Indian skin.

Matte vs. Glossy: Compare the effects of matte and glossy finishes on Indian skin.

Everyday Wear: Suggest subtle shades perfect for daily use.

Festive Colors: Introduce vibrant shades ideal for Indian festivals and celebrations.

Skin Undertones: Educate on choosing lipstick based on skin's undertone.